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Using the 1881TM BoomTruck as a truss crane

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Learning Center

Success in the construction industry depends on the ability to adapt to change and streamline operations, like changing materials and processes or offering entirely new services that are essential to customer satisfaction.

For truss manufacturers who have extended services to include delivery and installation of their products on job sites, it’s a win-win. Truss manufacturers enhance their business by adding value to customers and revenue to their bottom lines. Trusses are delivered in a timely manner and at a lower cost due to the ability of the manufacturer to control the entire process.

The 1881TM BoomTruck from Elliott Equipment Company is the ideal truss crane for truss manufacturers offering comprehensive services. Consider these 1881TM specs:

  • A five-section telescopic boom for compact overall length.
  • A maximum tip height of 91 feet.
  • 36,000 pounds of lifting capacity.
  • “Out and down” front outrigger and “A” frame rear stabilizers.
  • Trailer hauling capability.
  • Two-year warranty + lifetime structural warranty.
  • See additional specs here.


Why the 1881TM is the right choice

Consider the advantages of the Elliott 1881TM over the conventional boom trucks, articulated cranes and telehandlers also found in the industry:

  • Tractor-mounted cranes like the 1881TM are designed to haul large trailers that can carry more trusses, reducing reloading trips. The booms of standard boom trucks are typically stored over the flatbed, reducing capacity to haul trusses.
  • While the 1881TM’s telescopic boom reaches 81 feet when fully deployed, it measures just 21 feet 2 inches when retracted. That allows its storage over the front of the truck instead of taking up valuable load space at the rear.
  • The 1881TM is easier to operate, with controls facing toward the rear for a full view of the load. It also features simple hydraulic control levers and a Hydraulic Load Limiter overload protection system eliminating the need for complex LMI operation and maintenance.
  • The 1881TM has “out and down” outriggers with mid-span and optional short-jacking to allow for setup in tight spaces or on uneven terrain.
  • Hoisting trusses is made easier, faster and more precise with the 1881TM’s high-speed piston-powered winch. Other truss setting equipment like articulated cranes and telehandlers are much less precise and cause project timelines to lengthen and costs to balloon.
  • Tear down is made easier by the front bumper winch stow, allowing the operator to stay in one place when stowing the hook.

Enhancing efficiency

Because contractors are experts at finding ways to streamline projects, truss manufacturers offering added value services like delivery and installation have an upper hand. Investing in Elliott’s 1881TM BoomTruck for use as a truss crane means:

  • Renting a crane is no longer necessary.
  • Easier setup and tear down allow you to tackle more jobs.
  • Project costs and timelines are reduced due to better speed and precision.
  • Benefits of the 1881TM trailer include ability to haul more trusses to job sites in fewer trips.

Today’s construction is about safety and efficiency, so when a truss manufacturer leverages its equipment to add more value for builders, it can translate to years of new and recurring business from construction companies under pressure complete projects on tight budgets and firm deadlines.

Unmatched value

While the 1881TM BoomTruck is the ideal truss crane, its value extends into all facets of the industry. With various kits and attachments available, the 1881TM can become a ‘Swiss Army Knife on wheels’ suitable for almost any project that requires getting materials in the air. In addition, the 1881TM delivers peace of mind. Elliott BoomTruck models now come standard with the best warranty in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the 1881TM or how other BoomTruck models can become the cornerstone of your fleet, download a product brochure or contact our sales team or your nearest distributor.

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