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When it comes to mission-critical marine applications, you need equipment you can depend on. It should be ready to go, easy to use and reliably at your service. At Elliott, we understand. That’s why Elliott DockMaster cranes are engineered from the ground up for dependable, easy-to-use operation.

We know your dock space is precious. DockMaster’s modular installation ensures your equipment is just where you need it, optimizing boom location, control position and allowing for easy pump access and serviceability. DockMaster’s three-section boom stows compactly and the DockMaster pedestal easily fits as a drop-in replacement in most facilities.

Operation of the Dockmaster is simple. Full hydraulic, explosion-proof controls ensure smooth handling and give you the tactile feedback needed to perform your best.

Featuring stainless steel lift cylinders, “Armor Rod” telescopic hydraulic cylinders, stainless steel pins, marine coatings and easy to access wear items, the DockMaster is built for years of reliable service. That’s why it is backed by the best warranty in the industry – two years parts and labor comprehensive warranty and ten-year structural warranty.

DockMaster Advantages

  • 10 & 18 Ton Load Capacities
  • 38, 50, 60 & 70 Foot Boom Lengths
  • Choice of 40 or 75 horsepower explosion-proof motor
  • Complies with ASME B30.5
Installation Flexibility / Small Footprint
  • Boom and pedestal control console, pump and motor are individual units allowing for optimal placement to fit your dock
  • Three-section telescopic boom allows for short retracted boom length taking up minimal space
  • Pedestal engineered for drop-in replacement on most installations
  • Hydraulic boom extension eliminates maintenance of worm gear, motor and brake
  • Holding valves on all cylinders
  • Application-specific designed pump and motor skid mounts external from the pedestal for easy access and greater serviceability. Vertical orientation of these components provides small footprint and gives location flexibility
  • Large rotation bearing for smooth operation and long life
Corrosion Resistance
  • Marine prep/paint provides durable, weather-resistant coating
  • Stainless steel and “Armor Rod” hydraulic cylinders maximize corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel pins in critical areas
Ease of Operation / Safety / Controls
  • Ergonomic control console mounts separately from crane, giving flexibility in placement, optimizing operator view, minimizing space footprint and eliminating the need for operator to walk around with the boom while rotating
  • Full hydraulic controls for smooth operation and tactile feedback
  • Adjustable rotation stop for flexible work positions
  • Explosion-proof assemblies, wiring and enclosures throughout
Ease of Service / Winch
  • Winch mounted in rear of boom for easy access 9,060 lb single line pull
  • Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL) system aids operator in staying within working parameters and is simple to maintain
  • Anti-two-block wiring routed external to boom for easy inspection and simple maintenance
  • Optional continuous boom rotation
Long Useful Life
  • Wildlife Nesting & Access Protection standard on all models
  • Warranty – two years parts and labor, ten-year structural warranty

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