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Keep an eye on these four bucket truck shortfalls

Bucket trucks are one of the most common pieces of machinery for positioning people for aerial work. Like any truck-mounted piece of machinery, they represent serious investments for the companies that purchase them. But in a huge range of industries—from...

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Year-end purchasing

You're busy now, but the end of the year is fast approaching. That means it’s time to start thinking about year-end purchases and incentives. Starting 2017 off fresh can significantly reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Here are a couple things you should know as...

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Setting Up For a Successful Lift

When it comes to safely operating an aerial work platform or crane, nothing is more important than being knowledgeable about the equipment, proper planning of the operation and set up of the unit. A large number of accidents occur because of a deficiency...

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When renting your equipment is the best option

There are many factors specific to your situation that you should consider before deciding whether to buy, rent or lease. For those that lift and position people too infrequently, or require many different types of equipment, it may be difficult to justify buying aerial work platforms or cranes outright. Renting provides the equipment you need when you need it, without having to pay for it when you don’t.

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Exploring leasing options

Traditional financing options such as buying and renting aren’t always the best financing options for your aerial work platform or cranes. In some circumstances, it makes sense to make use of alternative financing options in order to spread out the cost of a vehicle over the lifetime of the equipment, with agreements specific to your needs. Below, we discuss several alternative financing options to consider.

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Ignoring Safety Will Cost You A Lot More Now

Here at Elliott Equipment Company, your safety is our number one priority. You can have the peace of mind knowing that our products are designed, built and tested in compliance with all ANSI and OSHA standards. We are committed to building the...

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A case for ownership: the benefits of owning your equipment outright

Deciding whether to buy, lease or rent an aerial work platform or crane can be intimidating. While there are arguments for all three options, there are some situations in which buying your equipment outright is the smartest decision. It’s important to consider all options before choosing to buy equipment. In some situations, renting or leasing may provide for more flexibility. However, if you find yourself lifting and positioning people and materials often, buying might be the right option.

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How to Read a HiReach Load Chart

Using the Elliott L60 HiReach technical specification sheet as a reference, there are several charts provided. The first is the Jib Winch chart, which provides a visible diagram of the jib winch and platform capacities. The second is the Boom...

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