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What to look for in a material handling aerial work platform manufacturer

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Learning Center

Elliott Equipment Company has been building truck-mounted lifting equipment for more than six decades. Our experience designing and manufacturing our HiReach and E-Line material-handling aerial work platforms informs every feature and option that goes into the equipment we produce.

Extreme customizing. Elliott HiReach aerial work platforms can be outfitted with main boom and platform mounted jib winches, welding leads, air and hydraulic tool circuits, platform lighting, tool boxes and other accessories to make sure your people have all the tools they need to get their work done safely. An experienced manufacturer will have seen just about every imaginable use of aerial work platforms, and look forward to the challenge of adapting them to jobs they haven’t seen before.

Extra-heavy-duty components. Outriggers, oversized bearings and heavy-duty fasteners that secure the major components together must be strong enough to remain stable while holding people working in the bucket and while lifting materials with the winch. Be prepared to pay more for more robust equipment built specifically for the multi-functionality of positioning personnel and lifting materials. This investment will repay itself in a long working life with lower repair and maintenance costs due to the robust design.

Commitment the ANSI A92.2 Design Standard. ANSI A92.2 applies directly to the design of vehicle mounted elevating and rotating work platforms. Strict adherence ANSI A92.2 helps ensure your equipment has been designed to meet stringent safety factors for stability and structural loading. Confirm that your manufacturer makes this commitment; not everyone does.

Warranty and Resale Value. A machine is only useful if it works when you need it. The length and terms of the warranty indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in its reliability. Similarly, the resale value of a machine can greatly affect the overall cost of ownership. Machines that have a long and productive expected useful life will have a higher resale value and be more cost effective in the long run.

Bringing it all Together

There’s plenty to think about when considering an aerial work platform. Some things are basic, like considering how high you need to work or how much you need to lift as well as the crane’s vertical and side reach. Other decisions are more complex, like figuring out financing and choosing the best mix of capabilities that will fit within your budget. Looking at the full picture of safety, productivity, cost savings and resale value give the best picture of the long term return on investment.

In the end, it comes down to choosing a manufacturer with the track record for building durable equipment customized to satisfy your precise needs and excel at your most demanding jobs.

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