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Customized for Success and Efficiency

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Learning Center

Customization is efficiency and marketing gold. Purchasing a turnkey solution that is built for you, just as you need it to get to the job site and finish the job as quickly and efficiently as possible is hands-down the way to go. Being able to fully customize your HiReach or BoomTruck to not only streamline your workflow but also market your brand reaps dynamic rewards.

Build a Truck to Do the Work You Do

Customizing new equipment gives you and your crews the opportunity to select the features and configurations that meet ALL of your needs, allowing you to do more with a single truck. Selecting the platform size and tools you need (air, welder, oxy/acetylene, hydraulic, 110V and more), specialized flatbeds, toolboxes above and under the bed, safety lighting, specialized outriggers and more, building a truck specifically for your business will make your crews more productive. Plus it will increase employee job satisfaction and retention.

Whether it is toolbox size or placement, platform or outrigger configuration or other tools and accessories we can add, Elliott is unique in being willing to bring engineering talent to the table for all of our customers. These modifications can transform how you view your work and literally save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of owning the machine by making your job easier.

Turnkey Branding

Buying a new crane or aerial device is a big decision. Most buyers think carefully about cost of ownership and the return on investment which are critical aspects of the buying process. Other aspects to consider are the costs of modifications to a machine to match your brand.

Have you considered the added costs of having to modify a machine that is purchased from the manufacturer without the paint color, toolboxes or accessories that you need to do your job? Buying a turnkey factory machine from Elliott that is painted to your specifications and configured with the options you need to align with your work significantly reduces costs and helps get your equipment to work as quickly as possible after purchasing. In marketing, creative choices can make or break your brand. Elliott Equipment Company’s red, black and white is a perfect color scheme for Elliott. But if your brand colors are lime green and yellow, we want to help you reflect that in your equipment through customization.

When spending money on a new machine, how often do you get to fully customize the machine to reflect exactly what you want? Elliott Equipment Company makes customization a fun process by putting you in the driver’s seat and channeling your creativity to design and create the machine that you want and need. Investing in equipment doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. It can be a fun experience that brings enormous satisfaction and pride.

Your Equipment Should Be a Direct Reflection of Your Business

Making a solid first impression is almost as crucial as your expertise and performance. That’s why when you pull up on a job site, how your equipment looks is incredibly important. Does it look new? High-quality? Professional? Making a lasting impression with customers starts from moment you arrive. Branding your truck and equipment is a dynamic way to reflect your company brand and establish credibility.

Working in urban areas provides amazing marketing opportunities. Trucks with company colors, vinyl wraps and decals allow your equipment to become mobile advertising for commuter traffic. Every day, potential customers can see your equipment and company in action, helping to grow your brand. After all, repetition is extremely beneficial to marketing. The more a potential customer sees your name, color and brand on your equipment, the more they will remember your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about our customized options and features, contact our sales team or your nearest distributor.

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