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Spotlight on Safety: Winter Hazards

by | Dec 7, 2022 | General

Be aware of winter hazards! In addition to cold stress, there are other winter-related hazards that workers may be exposed to in or out of the shop, such as slipping on ice or working near downed or damaged power lines.

Here are some tips from OSHA for staying safe during the winter months.

  1. Recognize the hazards of winter weather driving and keep an emergency kit with the essentials in your vehicle.
  2. To prevent slips, trips, and falls, employers should clear walking surfaces of snow and ice, and spread deicer, as quickly as possible after a winter storm.
  3. Keep it dry! Clear snow from trucks, parts and equipment before pulling them into the shop. When entering a building, remove as much snow and water from your boots as you can and squeegee any water or slush from the shop floor.
  4. When working on downed or damaged power lines, electrical utility workers should use safe work practices, appropriate tools and equipment (including PPE). Extra caution should be exercised when working in adverse weather conditions.

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