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Safety Reminder: Ensure Proper Set-up

by | Apr 1, 2022 | General, Uncategorized

Proper set-up goes beyond your machine; there are factors to consider with users and your surroundings, too! Are these items always on your radar?

  • Site conditions: Make sure you know your surroundings. Note obstacles such as power lines, traffic and ground conditions.
  • Weather conditions: If it’s winter, is your machine properly winterized? If it’s summer, are you staying properly hydrated? Are there wind conditions to consider?
  • PPE: Are you properly protected and wearing suitable Personal Protective Equipment?
  • Right equipment: Are you using the right machine for the job?
  • Work plan: Is everyone onsite properly trained and has the work plan been communicated to all?
  • Pre-operation inspections: Have you performed a thorough walk-around inspection and identified any hazards or potential hazards with the machine?
  • Stability checks: Is your machine level with adequate outrigger pads or cribbing?

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