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Product of the Month: the I60F HIREACH

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Uncategorized

Elliott’s I60F HiReach is a 46kV insulated aerial work platform that features a 65′ working height and a 40″ x 60″ fiberglass two-man work platform with a 600 lb capacity. 

The three-section hydraulic boom offers smooth functionality and a precise ‘point and shoot’ ride. The work platform is hydraulically self-leveling and hydraulically rotating to get users to the work area safely and comfortably. 

As with Elliott’s other HiReach products, the I60F is available with a main winch (3,650 or 2,000 lb), a jib winch in the work platform (500 lb) and full customization!


  • Fiberglass tip section and work platform with an insulation rating of 46kV ‘Category C’
  • The boom extends hydraulically without cables or chains for reduced maintenance and a smoother ride
  • Your choice of full hydraulic, fiber-optic or radio  upper work platform controls provide smooth and reliable aerial functionality.
  • The I60F model does not have side reach envelope limits, allowing the operator to boom up and out in any direction without restriction (within chart capacity limits)
  • Oversized turret and bearing provide long-term reliability and excellent stability
  • Optional main boom winch allows for material handling with the work platform attached, or removed
  • Optional 500 lb capacity removable work platform jib winch permits lifting materials while in the work platform, reducing the need to make multiple trips to the groundits lifting materials while in the work platform, reducing the need to make multiple trips to the ground
  • The I60 is also suited for utility substation and road, highway and lighting work.

The attached photo is of a unit that was recently delivered to SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority). They will be using this to maintain catenary wiring on their train system.  This unit is unique in that it has a crew cab chassis and is equipped with rail gear to drive on the rail tracks. 

This unit is equipped with a 40”x60” fiberglass work platform with a material handling jib winch.  The work platform is end-mounted to the boom tip for extra side reach. 

SEPTA relies on Elliott machines for their application due to the fact that they are built for extreme environments. The I60’s telescopic point and shoot boom minimizes the tail swing of an articulated unit, making it ideal for the confined area in which it must work.

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