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New Financing Options

by | Nov 1, 2020 | General, News

Elliott Equipment is excited to team up with Ascentium Capital to provide you with the lowest monthly payment solution to move your business forward with a new Elliott. Whether you want to finance or lease your investment in Elliott’s outstanding retention value, we have you covered.

Ascentium Capital’s low monthly payments allow you to make that investment in your business over time, as your Elliott equipment increases your net monthly cash flow. Now is the time to grow your business profits with a new Elliott!

Ask us about our “Built for You” competitive, creative and flexible financing solutions to learn how your business can benefit from low monthly payments and minimal upfront cash requirements.

PLUS, did you know new tax laws allow you to write off the entire cost of a new piece of equipment immediately? What’s more, the deduction can be carried back up to five years. This reduces your current taxes and could create a refund of taxes paid at a higher rate, creating even more cash flow.

Your new Elliott is a lot closer than ever before! Right now when you finance a new Elliott, we’re offering $99 payments for the first 3 months.

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