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Introducing the New V60

by | Jan 17, 2019 | News

Elliott Equipment Company is building on its success. The V60’s versatility is legendary…and it just got better! For years customers extolled about its 63-foot working height, 38 feet of working side reach, 30”X40” top-mounted platform with 500lbs. capacity material handling jib winch. The new V60 features the jib winch quickly converting to a boom tip winch capable of 1,000 lb. capacity when operated from the ground controls, giving it the best material handling capacity in its class while still mounting on a non-CDL, 19,000 GVWR chassis. In addition, the new SMARTcontrol system features one-touch outrigger leveling and stow, one-touch boom stow, proportional controls to meter speed of boom functions giving the operator greater control. The SMARTcontrol system is maintenance-friendly and features remote diagnostics and servicing ensuring the operator more up-time.

Key Features of the New V60 include:

  • Telescopic three-section boom with smooth ‘point and shoot’ functionality
  • Narrow outriggers allow full set up in as little as an 8-foot wide space
  • Top-mounted two-person work platform
  • Enhanced material handling with 1,000 lb. capacity
  • SMARTcontrols for smooth and precise operation featuring one-touch operations
  • Remote diagnostics and servicing
  • Full-length subframe with hydraulic outriggers for excellent stability

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