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New Truck-Mounted Aerial MineReach Placement Solution for Mining Applications

by | Apr 7, 2016 | General

Elliott Equipment Company is proud to announce the development of a unique machine that allows mining and aggregate companies to place ANFO (ammonium-nitrate fuel oil) explosives directly from the work platform, significantly increasing safety and efficiency. This machine incorporates a special platform, control system, and oversized cable carrier designed to route a large ANFO placement hose to the work platform.

Elliott Equipment and Elliott distributor, Scott Powerline, worked closely with a leading aggregate producer to develop this customized package. The user intends to use their new Elliott to assist in limestone removal in 40’ sections of the mine face. Dozens of holes in each face will be drilled and then filled with ANFO and set with charges.

This new machine is based on the Elliott G50F HiReach model featuring a 55’ working height, two-man work platform, and telescopic boom with an external cable carrier on a single axle truck chassis. The unit is mounted on a Western Star 4700 series 4×2 truck chassis to provide maximum durability and reliability in the mine.

This aerial device incorporates two large Powder Monkey pressure vessels manufactured by AIRPLACO, which haul the ANFO to the job site and drive it though the cable carrier tracked ANFO hose to the work platform. Once the explosives are placed, the truck can quickly drive away from the material blast site to a safe location. After blasting, the material from the wall is easily removed, and is then crushed and hauled offsite. Elliott’s unique design allows the ANFO to run alongside the boom using Elliott’s oversized external cat-trac system.

The unit is also integrated with Miller’s ENPAK auxiliary power system. When activated, the ENPAK system provides hydraulic power as well as 110V electrical power and compressed air for hand tools to the entire aerial device without requiring the truck chassis’ engine and PTO. The unit’s specially designed, fully hydraulic upper platform controls eliminate any electrical components in the platform that could potentially cause the ANFO to ignite. Due to ANFO’s corrosivity, the upper platform is manufactured out of stainless steel and coated with Line-X protector. The platform, bumper, and bed are also coated with Line-X to reduce the risk of ANFO making contact with steel. The Line-X also protects the components from impact and damage in the mining environment.

Backed by a lifetime structural warranty, the user can look forward to many years of productive service from their new Elliott HiReach. Other companies that use Elliott’s HiReach telescopic truck-mounted aerial work platforms in similar applications include Martin Marietta, Doe Run, and Mississippi Limestone.

Elliott’s HiReach product is one of the most heavy duty aerial machines on the market, providing these and other mining companies with severe applications opportunities to customize the components and features to fit their unique application needs.

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