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D86 Digger Derrick

by | Jan 17, 2019 | News

Elliott Equipment Company is excited to introduce the newest addition to their ANSI 10.31 derrick digger product line. The D86 joins the already popular D105 and the D115 as a heavy duty force. Specifically designed for large transmission and heavy construction projects, the D86 digger derrick boasts a 86 foot sheave height, a 41-foot digging radius and 20,000 foot-pounds of digging torque all while comfortably mounting on a tandem axle chassis. Just like its predecessors, it offers high boom pinpoint geometry allowing for maximum power ‘out-of-the-hole”, a variable displacement piston pump, and the same ergonomic seated control console as the D105 and D115.

Key Features

  • Class leading tip height, digging radius, and lifting capacity
  • Mounts on 6 x 6 chassis with room to spare
  • 10,000 lb. lifting capacity at 33’ median digging radius
  • 20,000 ft-lbs digging torque standard
  • Optimized high pinpoint boom geometry provides exceptional power out of the hole

Find out more about the D86 here.

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