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Additional Utility Generation Needed During Heat Waves

by | Jul 31, 2022 | General

With frequent heat advisories and record-setting temperatures in the US this summer, utilities are working on overdrive to meet demand and keep people cool. To assist, many businesses are receiving warnings for electrical customers to help conserve power during peak demand times.

To stay ahead of demand in times like these, it’s important to consider the transmission infrastructure as a whole and review if there is enough capacity in the system to kick in when needed.

In addition, utility companies around the country have asked retail consumers to do their part. Le Xie, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Texas A&M University, says “Maybe you can wait until later in the evening to do your laundry, for example. Or you could consider setting your thermostat a couple of degrees higher.”

When it comes to infrastructure, “you need to make sure the delivery systems, the transmission substations, distribution substations and transformers are well maintained and performing well during this heat wave,” he says.

In short, ensuring transmission infrastructure is optimized is key, and asking customers to do their part to help when able will help the country powered on, even during distressing times.

The need for a modern high capacity utility infrastructure will be even greater in the coming years as the US continues to shift to electric powered transportation.

At Elliott, we are here to support our utility customers by providing the highest quality equipment for the tallest and heaviest aerial, material handling and digging operations. That’s why industry leaders choose Elliott for their most demanding jobs.

Stay hydrated and cool the next few weeks as summer winds to a close, and thanks to our loyal customers for keeping the power on!

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