HiReach Aerial Work Platforms

Working Height 110′ - 240′

H110R HiReach

Working Height:
115′ / 35,1 m
Working Side Reach:
86′ / 26,2 m
Main Winch Capacity:
14,000 lb / 6350 kg

H110F HiReach

Working Height:
117′ / 35,7 m
Working Side Reach:
84′ / 25,6 m
Main Winch Capacity:
14,000 lb / 6350 kg

L115 HiReach

Working Height:
115′ / 35 m
Working Side Reach:
80′ / 24,4 m
Main Winch Capacity:
14,000 lb / 6350 kg
L135 HiReach

L135 HiReach

Working Height:
135′ / 41,1 m
Working Side Reach:
80′ / 24,4 m
Main Winch Capacity:
5,900 lb / 2676 kg

E120 E-Line

Working Height:
121′ / 36,9 m
Working Side Reach:
80′ / 24,4 m
Main Winch Capacity:

L140 HiReach

Working Height:
140′ / 42,7 m
Working Side Reach:
80′ / 24,4 m
Main Winch Capacity:
14,000 lb / 6350 kg

E145 E-Line

Working Height:
145′ / 44,2 m
Working Side Reach:
80′ / 24,4 m
Main Winch Capacity:
18,000 lb / 8165 kg

E160 E-Line

Working Height:
215′ / 65,5 m
Working Side Reach:
90′ / 27,4 m
Main Winch Capacity:
30,000 lb / 13 608 kg

E190 E-Line

Working Height:
190′ / 58 m
(238′ / 72,5 m with available jib)
Working Side Reach:
90′ / 27,4 m
Main Winch Capacity:
30,000 lb / 13 608 kg

Why Choose an Elliott HiReach?

Start with what you need in an aerial work platform. Other equipment manufacturers might try to mold your needs to their equipment, but at Elliott, we work with you to engineer a most valuable player for your most common job-site requirements. Whether it’s special outriggers, custom toolbox and lighting, or platform productivity tools from our ‘Office in the Sky’ package, Elliott’s engineers will work with you to make sure you have the most cross-functional piece of equipment for your industry.

And, while the features of your HiReach aerial work platform may be unique to your work environment, the bedrock on which we build all of our equipment remains the same. Our full-length, heavy-duty subframe is designed to disperse stress and maximize chassis life. In fact, all of the high-quality components that go into our service vehicles are designed to maximize service life and resale value. That’s why we’re able to back our equipment up with a lifetime structural warranty.

For technical specifications, feel free to download a product brochure for the category that interests you.

HiReach Standard Features


HiReach multi-functionality lets you position workers and tools, lift loads and more with a single piece of equipment, maximizing utilization and ROI

ANSI A92.2 Compliance

Every HiReach complies fully with all ANSI A92.2 design and manufacturing guidelines in personnel and material handling modes of operation

Fully Hydraulic Boom Extension System

Hydraulic and proprietary wearpad design provides a smoother and more reliable ride as well as reduced maintenance

Point and Shoot Telescopic Boom Design

Eliminates tailswing, maximizes side reach and lets you do access more work area with a single setup


Choose from a wide variety of available tools and circuitry to maximize productivity


Elliott’s 40”x60” platform offers twice the work surface of a two-worker bucket. With platforms up to 16 feet long, you can be sure you have the room you need to do your work

EZR Detachable Work Platform

Available on rear-mounted models, Elliott’s patented design lets you remove your work platform in a matter of minutes, without tools or lifting

Exceptionally Smooth Controls

Elliott’s controls are renowned for their smooth, precise operation, inspiring confidence and delivering enhanced productivity

360 Degree Continuous Rotation

Continuous swivel system prevents hoses from breaking and allows work in any position –  front, back or side of truck


The foundation of your ride starts at the subframe. Only Elliott offers a full-length subframe, plated top and bottom, on every machine we build. This reduces chassis twist and results in a more controlled ride

Heavy Duty Cable Carrier

More available space lets you do more work in the platform with a wide range of tools and accessories including welding leads, air hoses, washer lines and more

High-Quality, Off-the-Shelf Components

For trouble-free operation, easy service and affordable replacement parts

Outstanding Resale Value

Elliott’s heavy duty design and high quality components give you an exceptionally long useful life and superior resale value

Lifetime Structural Warranty
Only Elliott backs up its quality with a lifetime structural warranty on everything we build

HiReach Optional Features

Main Boom Winch

Allows you to safely lift materials with your HiReach. Load charts comply with ANSI A92.2 standards

Multiple Platform Sizes
Choose from a variety of platform sizes and capacities to fit you, your tools and the way you work
Platform Material Handling Jib Winch

Acts like an extra set of hands, to lift and position loads directly from within the work platform

110V Electrical Outlet

Power your electric tools and batteries

Welder Leads to Platform

Connect easily with your bed-mounted welder to avoid having to drag cables into the air or carry the welder in the platform

Oxy Acetylene Hoses to Platform

Attach to your oxy/acetylene tanks on the bed for a secure and safe connection

Pressure Washer

Washer tank and pump mounted to the bed with washer hoses routed through the boom and into the platform.

Hydraulic Tool Circuits

Located in the platform or on the body provide power for your hydraulic tools. Includes flow control knobs

Hydraulic Intensifier

Ramps up hydraulic pressure to 10,000 psi for using high-pressure hand tools from within the work platform

ANFO Hose to Platform

Elliott’s cable carrier can handle an ANFO hose for explosive placement from within the work platform


Choose from the top names in gas, diesel or hydraulic powered

Oxy-Acetylene Bottle Holders
Keep you bottles secure and out of the way
Full Pressure Hydraulic Controls
Full pressure hydraulic controls for work that requires non-electrical controls in the work platform
Hydraulically Rotating Platform
Maximizes your effective work area and keeps you facing the job
Multiple Platform Sizes
Choose from a variety of platform sizes and capacities to fit you, your tools and the way you work

Simultaneously increase protection and comfort by adding DUR-A-BUL coating to your platform

Fiberglass Work platform

Adds a non-rated electrical barrier

Control Box Cover
Protects your controls from the elements
Automatic Safety Rotation Lockout
Allows shortjacking of units with out and down outriggers by preventing movement over the non-extended side

Extra-long vertical stroke outriggers give you more ground penetration, minimizing cribbing and allowing setup over guardrails and other challenging locations

Line Body Storage Solutions
Clean, one piece compartmentation for your tools and accessories
Rear Step Bumper

Provides additional work area and rapid access to the chassis bed

Boom Mounted Work Lights
Illuminate your work, increasing efficiency and ability to get extra jobs done
Specialized Safety and Emergency Lighting

Choose from dozens of illumination and emergency lighting options on your equipment

Conspicuity Striping
Adds visibility to your unit. Great for work in high traffic areas
Custom Paint

We know your HiReach is your brand. We can paint your unit to your exact color scheme

Rail Gear
Elliott can add your choice of rail gear to allow for use of your unit on tracks. Special counterweight packages are also available

You can add a post hole digger to your HiReach, allowing you even more functionality

Interested in speaking with an Elliott representative about HiReach aerial work platforms?