Elliott January Newsletter



We designed the D86 specifically for utility transmission line construction and maintenance work.

Elliott’s Digger Derrick line is specifically engineered for transmission and heavy-duty construction projects. Built to work hard, day after day, year after year, the digger line boasts Elliott’s high boom pinpoint geometry allowing for maximum power out of the hole, as well as features offering ergonomic seating and a variable displacement piston pump.

This particular model is mounted on a special Prinoth track carrier to maneuver effortlessly in snow and swamp-like conditions.

    Digger Derrick D 86
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    ‘Built For You’ Testimonial

    “We love the option of platform or crane operations in one machine, and even though our truck is over 20 years old it is oh so smooth! We needed to rebuild all our hydraulic cylinders and it was easy to get all the seals from Elliott including new decals after a paint freshen. Great service all around.”

    - Franklin Sign and Fabrication, Vancouver BC