D105 Digger Derrick

Elliott Equipment Company is excited to introduce the D105, the company’s first ANSI 10.31 Digger Derrick. The D105 is specifically designed for utility transmission line construction and maintenance work. Mounted on a tandem axle chassis, the D105 Digger Derrick boasts a 107’ sheave height, 20,000 ft-lbs of digger torque, and a 41’maximum digging radius. The unit is equipped with Elliott’s high pin point geometry allowing for maximum power out of the hole, a heavy-duty piston pump, and an ergonomic seated control console.


Sheave Height (Maximum)
107'/32,6 m

Sheave Height (Retracted)
40’/12,2 m

Horizontal Reach (Maximum)
92’/28 m

Horizontal Reach (Intermediate)
42’/12,8 m

Horizontal Reach (Retracted)
26’/7,9 m

Lifting Capacity (Maximum)
50,000 lbs/22 679 kg

Lifting Capacity @ 10’ Radius
30,000 lbs/13 608 kg

Boom Elevation Limits
-8/+80 Degrees

Winch Single Line Pull
12,000 lbs/5443 kg

Boom Rotation
360 Degrees Continuous

Digger Motor Torque
20,000 ft-lb/27 116 Nm

Digger Speed (High/Low)
80 RPM / 35 RPM

Digging Radius (Maximum)
41’/12,5 m

Digging Radius (Minimum)
24’/7,3 m

Outrigger Configuration

Outrigger Spread (Full-Span)
20’/6,1 m

Outrigger Spread (Mid-Span)
13’11”/4,2 m

ANSI A10.31 for Digger Derricks