D115 Digger Derrick

Elliott Equipment Company is proud to introduce the D115, a new ANSI 10.31 Digger Derrick. The D115 is specifically designed for transmission and heavy duty construction projects. Mounted on a tridem axle chassis, the D115 Digger Derrick boasts a 117 foot sheave height, 20,000 foot/pounds of torque, and a 44 foot digging radius. The unit is equipped with Elliott’s high boom pin point geometry allowing for maximum power out of the hole, a variable displacement piston pump, and a new ergonomic seated control console.


Sheave Height (Maximum)
117’/35,7 m

Sheave Height (Retracted)
43’/13,1 m

Horizontal Reach (Maximum)
85’/25,9 m

Horizontal Reach (Intermediate)
45’/13,7 m

Horizontal Reach (Retracted)
28’/8,5 m

Lifting Capacity (Maximum)
50,000 lbs/22 679 kg

Lifting Capacity @ 10’ Radius
29,000 lbs/13 154 k kg

Boom Elevation Limits
-8/+80 Degrees

Winch Single Line Pull
12,000 lbs/5443 kg

Boom Rotation
360 Degrees Continuous

Digger Motor Torque
20,000 ft-lb/27 116 Nm

Digger Speed (High/Low)
80 RPM / 35 RPM

Digging Radius (Maximum)
44’/13,4 m

Digging Radius (Minimum)
27’/8,2 m

Outrigger Configuration

Outrigger Spread (Full-Span)
20’/6,1 m

Outrigger Spread (Mid-Span)
13’11”/4,2 m

ANSI A10.31 for Digger Derricks