HiReach aerial work platforms from Elliott Equipment Company

HiReach aerial work platforms from Elliott Equipment Company do so much more than simply get crews off the ground. Our full line of lifting equipment is known for its safety, stability and customizability. A time-tested list of standard features can be complemented by the optional features you need to get the job done.

HiReach truck-mounted aerial work platforms serve as multi-functional tools on an incredible range of applications, letting you get more done with less equipment. These ANSI A92.2-compliant vehicles have material handling capacities up to 15 tons and work at heights from 45 to 240 feet.

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For operators, a spacious work platform and incredible side reach provide optimal range for working efficiently. Silky smooth, proportional upper controls allow for precise movements and optimal machine control, without sudden or jerky movements. Our hydraulic, powered booms extend reliably, smoothly and with reduced maintenance. Elliott’s point-and-shoot telescopic design makes for easy operation without tailswing. These features, in addition to a continuous swivel system and oversized rotation bearing and gearbox, help to ensure ease-of-use and a long service life.

A proven lineup of standard features plus an extensive menu of optional add-ons make HiReach aerial work platforms some of the toughest, most versatile and feature-packed service vehicles on the market. Wide-ranging functionality paired with heavy-duty design means superior performance over an extended service life.

HiReach aerial work platform standard features

  • Multi-Functional Capabilities Out of the Box
  • ANSI A92.2 Compliance
  • Fully Hydraulic Boom Extension System
  • Point and Shoot Telescopic Boom Design
  • Superior Side Reach Capabilities
  • Rugged Boom Design
  • Designed to Handle Multi-Functional Accessories
  • Oversized Work Platforms
  • EZR Detachable Work Platform
  • DynaSmooth Upper Controls
  • Proportional Joystick Controls
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation
  • Oversized Rotation Bearing and Gearbox
  • Heavy Duty Cable Carrier
  • Full Length Heavy-Duty Subframe
  • High Quality, Off the Shelf Components
  • Outstanding Resale Value
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

Built For You – Contact us to discuss our wide range of options and how we can tailor your machine your way.

Why Choose an Elliott HiReach?


Start with what you need in an aerial work platform. Other equipment manufacturers might try to mold your needs to their equipment, but at Elliott we work with you to engineer a most valuable player for your most common job-site requirements. Whether it’s special outriggers, custom toolbox and lighting, or platform productivity tools from our ‘Office in the Sky’ package, Elliott’s engineers will work with you to make sure you have the most cross-functional piece of equipment for your industry.

And, while the features of your HiReach aerial work platform may be unique to your work environment, the bedrock on which we build all of our equipment remains the same. Our full-length, heavy-duty subframe is designed to disperse stress and maximize chassis life. In fact, all of the high-quality components that go into our service vehicles are designed to maximize service life and resale value. That’s why we’re able to back our equipment up with a lifetime structural warranty.

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