We Started An Industry And We Haven’t Stopped Yet

company historyWe Started An Industry. There’s a lot to be said for being the first. But it’s even better to be the best. That’s what Elliott Equipment Company is all about.

A Piece of History

Back in 1948, post-war America was on the move. Travelers were taking to the newly created highways in record numbers. Electrical contractors and utilities were looking for ways to efficiently set poles and string power lines to electrify the country. And Richard Elliott, an industry pioneer, developed the first truck-mounted telescoping aerial work platform and crane.  And we haven’t stopped yet.

Then, as now, Elliott used only the finest components available to build the first hydraulic, telescoping aerial work platform and crane and mounted on a conventional truck chassis. Building just one machine at a time, he drove each one from city to city – and from coast to coast. It didn’t take long for people to see the value in Elliott’s rugged design and multi-function operation. Elliott’s machines were quickly adopted by utilities, electrical contractors and state highway departments for electrical construction and highway maintenance. Now, Elliott is used in those industries and by new ones including commercial sign installation, mining, and a host of other construction and maintenance applications.

Since those humble beginnings, our customer base has grown and so too has our line of telescoping work platforms, cranes and digger derricks -which now number more than 40 models, helping workers do an amazing array of jobs. From the original Hi-Reach to the Skywalk and BoomTruck, E-Line and Digger Derricks, Elliott products are used by leaders in industries such as electrical construction, signs and lighting, oil and gas, construction, railroad and transit, department of transportation, utility, public works, ports and mining.  You’ll find Elliott products working hard, everyday, around the world.

Elliott Equipment Company proudly carries on the tradition that Richard Elliott started more than seventy years ago

Today, Elliott Equipment Company proudly carries on the tradition that Richard Elliott started seven decades ago – relying on people who are dedicated to the highest standards for quality, safety and durability, working to design and build the best equipment available; and keeping you working safely and efficiently.